06 March 2004

Greetings, Sinners! Welcome again to the next installment of.. "No one is really reading this anyway, but I like talking to myself and pretending I have an audience so I'm going to put more stuff up here!!" Hey, why not? It's my personal space (please keep a respectful distance. Arm length is best, thank you)

Anyway.. on to the weekly list. Come on people, email me more ideas.. my head is getting hurtie :(

Message Board Pet Peeves (those people and that STUFF that drives you insane on a board)

10. People who post single word/phrase responses. Heh, LoL, ROFL, pwned, etc etc... Yay, you appreciated and admired what the person above you said. Expand your thought or just appreciate it in blissful message board silence. I hate scrolling through clutter.

9. People who REALLY care about their post count. Why do you want people to KNOW you have no life, and spend most of your day posting inane pap, just so you can have the HIGHEST post count of anyone on the planet!?

8. Link Nazis. So a link is old, you've seen it before, or it doesn't interest you. You are not the only person on the board. You are not the be all, end all of board content. Check out the link or stfu. Someone ELSE liked it/thought it was new.. guess what, another person might too.

This goes for jokes/lists or other assorted witticisms that are just posted, rather than linked..

7. People who interject themselves into EVERY thread, whether they know anything about the discussion at hand or not. They just HAVE to inject their two cents, because damnit.. they MUST BE HEARD!

6. People who cannot fucking spell. It's one thing on a kid's message board, if English is your second language.. but when you're a natural born, English speaking person.. Why, why, WHY are simple words SO hard to spell? I don't mean an occasional fuckup, I mean constant sub-grammar school spelling. Seriously, spell checks are your friend!

5. People who overestimate their intellect. If NO ONE else thinks you're smart, you're NOT smart. It's not that everyone else is so stupid they cannot comprehend your vast and overwhelming genius, it's just that.. honestly, you're a fucking moron. You need to stop.

4. People who ruin perfectly good, fun, or interesting threads (by derailing or something similar) just because the thread does not interest them. Again, the world does not revolve around you or your interests. Let other people enjoy themselves too.

3. People who have NOTHING nice to say about anyone at all. Teasing and arguing are all well and good, it keeps a board interesting, but shit man.. don't be such a fuckwad you can't be nice to even ONE person. It's not hard. I'm an asshole, and even I know how to be supportive every once in a while.

2. Board campers. Those people that sit there, just waiting for you to respond to them.. so they can instantly fire off their "witty" retort. Cause, if they respond REALLY fast, THEY WIN! You took too long to "think up a response" so they're the clear winner. (it couldn't be that you posted, then went out to work.. school.. or to socialize!)

1. Attention Whores. Sure everyone posts for SOME bit of attention, but there's that ONE person who feels that everything should revolve around them, their lives, and their interests. Typically they have INSANE post counts and truly believe that.. we can't stop talking about them, when in reality, they can't stop talking about THEMSELVES.

Man.. I need to figure out how to get to my archives. I'd had for my loyal readers (hahaha) to miss anything!


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