31 July 2004

We've stepped into an era of equality, however it's STILL unequal. Men are bearing a greater burden in many cases and women are laying back, just counting their cash. I find it absolutely abhorrant that women EXPECT men to pay for everything. I find it revolting that women SEEK out men, based on what's in their wallets.

Men need to STOP allowing it. They're merely encouraging women to be vapid, worthless, gold digging bitches.

I believe in equality in total. Not saying we're the SAME. I'm just saying we're EQUAL. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses that compliment each other very nicely, if we let it. Otherwise one becomes a patsy to the other.

We need to stop victimizing men and overcompensating for past indiscretions against women.

  • Men STILL tend to lose custody battles, even if they are the BETTER choice to be a parent.

  • Alimony. What the hell kind of crock of shit is that? I understand back in the day, when a man left his wife, he was leaving someone who's SOLE PURPOSE in life was to keep house, wash his socks, and take care of him... someone who COULDN'T support herself on her own when she was left high and dry. So fine, makes sense.. she needs help.

    These days? Why didn't she have a damned job in the first place? If THEY decided she'd stay home and raise the kids.. fine. If SHE decided she'd just be a housewife and give up a promising career.. tough toenails.

  • Divorce: In addition to alimony, men are being squeezed dry when it comes to divorce cases. Women, who many have had NOTHING to do with the success of her husband, are cashing in on HALF their earnings. Why? If she came in AFTER he was already successful, she doesn't deserve 1 red cent.

  • Child Support: Did you know that in some places, if a man lives with a woman who has a child, for 6 months or more he's legally obligated to pay support? Even if it's not his. Even if she's already getting support. ALSO, in MOST states.. if they were married.. he's obligated to pay support, even if it's found that the child is NOT his. (She can then hit up the biological father too)

    By the same note, why are we FORCING men to pay support for children they didn't want? We're playing 2 sides here. And we're being a bit ridiculous about it. If a woman decides that SHE does NOT want to bear a child, even if the man truly desires to have that baby.. she does NOT have to.

    BUT.. if she decides she REALLY wants that baby, even when the guy says I can't handle this, I'm not ready, I don't want it.. Tough shit. He has to pay through the nose. I think if we STOPPED forcing men to pay support for children they DIDN'T WANT. Women would STOP being so damned irresponsible or blase about bringing "surprise" children into the world. (and we wouldn't have the abuses I listed above)

    If a woman decides she wants to have a baby out of wedlock by some random dude.. she'd better be prepared to raise it herself. She made THAT choice. She should be held responsible Just like if she chooses to abort.. that's solely on her, to hell with his thoughts. Should go BOTH ways.
I've already gone on long enough, but I think I've made my point here. (I could continue, but why) I find all of the above behaviours, while commonplace, extremely insulting, degrading, and demeaning to those of us women who WANT to work for ourselves, who WANT to make our own way, and who ARE independant..

and I find it appalling we're victimizing our men this way.


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