05 March 2005

I am absolutely fascinated with the lack of responsibility some people seem to have. What does it say about you, as a person, if you cannot or will not take care of your obligations? Or worse, you put more onto a plate that's already overloaded and things keep falling off the sides?

How does one decide it's a good idea to have another child, when the child they already have is not under their care and custody. I don't mean a situation like adoption, I mean it's their very own child and it lives with a relative because they couldn't be bothered (or worse, the state intervened). WTF does that kind of person decide that it'd be a WONDERFUL idea to go ahead and have another child? WTF kind of sense does that make?

Did you ever notice the people that are LEAST fit to be parents are the ones who have the most children and put the least effort and forethought into it? The mother who already has a child she can't/won't take care of.. the father without a job or any visible means of support.

Who pays for this? Sure us taxpayers do. But who pays the most? The children. Lovely. We're raising a generation of fuckups who will not be able to function in normal society because their parents were fucking idiots.

We're raising a generation of children who won't know how to parent and won't know how to function. We're raising a generation of cast off kids. The first kid was inconvenient so we let that one go, we'll do better with the next! I bet the first kid feels wonderful.. "Well mom doesn't want ME, but she likes her new baby"

Thank you SO much for giving the world the next generation..

.. of serial killers.


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