24 March 2005

Life, Censorship, and Everything in It..

One often wonders why people wish to be babysat & have others run their lives. Is it pure laziness or what? Apparently it's too difficult to turn off a dial, change a channel, or walk away. We, as a population, have to keep the airwaves "safe" for anyone and everyone.. especially children under 2! We have to make sure that our billboards, advertisements, and even our t-shirts are "family friendly". (don't ask their parents to watch their kids and educate them about the world, there's that "effort" stuff rearing its ugly head again)

We wouldn't want little Jimmy to see that the world isn't a perfect place filled with rainbows and sunshine! No no, we don't want sweet little Sarah to know that it's OK to be Jewish or Muslim, that gay people aren't out to recruit her, and sex is a normal, natural part of life. We can't let the kids learn these horrible things! If we don't control all outside influences, how can we control their thought processes? If we don't make SURE to only show good, wholesome, Christian morals.. they might end up thinking for themselves!

I fear for these children. They're in for a very big shock and quite the rude awakening when they realize they're not perfect, they're not special, and the world isn't perfect. I fear for their parents when those same children are fearful or resentful of being left out of so many of the realities of life. Those poor children who know if they tell mom they really like the same sex.. or perhaps they really aren't Pentacostal, after all. They feel more like a Buddhist..

I'm revolted with these parents. These people demand the world revolve around them. They demand the entire society has to reflect their views, their beliefs, and their morals. They rally the states, the senates, and the courts to try to make sure that everything is in adherence with what THEY want their children to see and know. To hell with the rest of us, we don't count.

I'm even more revolted that they demand society do their jobs. It is not my responsibility to make sure your children don't hear "offensive" things on the radio or see "offensive" things on television. Nor is it the government's job! It's their's. They are the ones who can change channels, turn off dials, and approve what their children see and do. It's their job to speak to their kids and.. well, actually raise them. Leaving the child alone and then expecting everyone else to cater to your kids is patently ridiculous... but it's what's expected.

If one wants their child raised a certain way in a certain environment, one must pay close attention and raise their child in that way. You musn't be lazy and demand society revolve around you.

But then we get into that whole "effort" and actually having to be a parent thing.. and people hate doing that.


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