27 June 2013

Originally posted on FB 25 MAR 2013

The pertinent part of DOMA has been overturned, as has Prop 8.  So yay!

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments in two marriage equality cases. I say not "it's about time", but "why the hell is this even an issue?"

Marriage equality is not about special rights, it's about giving ALL American citizens equal rights under the law. Isn't that.. ya know.. kinda important to Americans? Isn't that something that we frequently parade as the key to the United States' greatness?

Why should some people be considered less deserving of these rights than others? We are held accountable to the same laws. We follow the same Constitution. Some of us even signed part of our lives away to defend these rights.

For those who make the declarations of religion, that's fine.

Argument 1: Clergy will be forced to perform marriages that against their religion.

There is nothing in any law that demands that religious institutions absolutely must perform marriages which they do not bless. No one will hold a gun to a priest's head and make him marry two gay men, no one will force a rabbi to marry two lesbians.

Argument 2: It destroys the sanctity of marriage. If your marriage is sacred, nothing another does will marr that. If you consider your marriage to be a holy union, what I do will not destroy your blessed bond before God.

Additionally, I'm pretty sure there are dozens of examples where heterosexual marriage has done more to "destroy the sanctity of marriage" than a long term gay couple deciding to marry (Hi George & Brad Takei - partners of 20+ years). If you've been divorced and still piously cry about the "sanctity of marriage" - SHAME ON YOU. Hypocrite. So it's only sacred when it's convenient and when it starts to get hard, divorce is ok?

Argument 3: The Bible defines marriage.... Stop *right* there. We have this thing in the United States called the 1st Amendment. We can freely practice religion and our government cannot make laws that establish religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof.

We also have separation of Church and state. Therefore - Individual religions should not be able to define or influence laws. Not every religion prohibits same sex marriage. Why should one religion or religious ideal trump every other? What of atheists? This is not a religious state, despite what some people would like or others believe.

Argument 4: Same sex relationships are just disgusting. Who wants to see two men/two women kissing?

Grow the fuck up. Some people don't want to see old men in speedos on the beach, but there's no law against that. I happen to think dog poop is revolting. I'm not advocating we not allow dogs outside.

Get over yourself. You're acting like a 6 year old.

Argument 5: This is all part of the gay agenda to gain converts/make more gay people/exploit our kids. I get it, some of you think that normalising gay marriage would make it more palatable to kids. Like, somehow now because gay people are married.. all of a sudden it'll be SO appealing that kids will be running, in droves, to be gay.

People get married every day. People of different faiths, colours, and ideals get married all the time. Since when has any child looked at - say.. a Jewish wedding... and said OMG I HAVE TO BE JEWISH NOW. Seriously? That's a ridiculous argument.

If you're worried about gay people being normalised - news flash - They are normal people. They don't bleed green or have an extra head. They just love differently than you. I prefer adorable white guys with brown eyes and a great butt. No one taught that to me, it's something I just *feel*.

Argument 6: Marriage should only be between people who are able to have a family. Men and women are meant to be together because they can reproduce.

I guess we should stop letting post menopausal widows & infertile couples to marry, right? Should we make people take fertility tests before they're allowed to marry?

Argument 7: This the way it's been for X years.. Well for several hundred years we had slaves. For years women weren't allowed to vote. For years and years children laboured under unbearable conditions in this country.

For many years interracial marriage was illegal.

Things change. Things SHOULD change.

People should be allowed the rights of inheritance, to share medical insurance... to be allowed to be there in terrible sickness in an ICU that specifies "Family Only" (perhaps to say goodbye to someone they've loved for decades) -- to enjoy all the same protections a heterosexual married couple takes for granted.

If we deny basic rights that *everyone else* has, just because someone happens fall madly in love with and want to marry someone who happens to have the same set of sex organs.. we can't claim to be a free nation with equal rights.

I hope the Supreme Court makes the right decision. I really do.