14 March 2014


At the risk of sounding dramatic or whiny, I am posting about my own existential crisis - one which literally has had me feeling crushed down and very small, insignificant, and weak. I'm generally idealistic (believe it or not), but even I struggled against something that I have been noticing; a pattern that I see far too often. And it breaks my heart. I spent a good portion of this evening literally weeping because of this.

The world is so awesome, amazing, and special and we have this unique ability of ALL creatures, that dwell on this planet, to be able to make it better. We have the capability to create wonderful things, to learn, grow, and gain wisdom about ourselves and the universe in which we occupy. We've made advances in medicine to help us live longer and heal the sick. We have seen, heard, and experienced the light of hope around us!

And yet, far too regularly with little regard for ourselves as a species, what do we do? We abuse and debase each other for voting the wrong way, being too fat, too thin, being female, being male, being liberal, being conservative, being "crunchy" parents, being "silky" parents, being too curious and not curious enough. Too many Atheists denigrate ALL religious adherents as being fools for ignoring science, or just for having faith... at all. Far too many religious adherents denigrate atheists as immoral and debase, unworthy of compassion or grace. Why?

I don't expect (nor really want) us to all agree. It won't happen. But why this delirious joy in hate? Why are we choosing to walk away from what makes us wonderful and instead focusing our energies on finding every flaw in the opposition and using it as a weapon to brutalise each other? Why can we not disagree without the vitriolic hate? When do hateful words open minds? Why can people not see that sometimes, the other side DOES have a point - in some way?

Why the hell is it so important to be *RIGHT* all the damned time? Why is being right more important than being human?

I weep for us. I weep because, every day, I see the hate over and over. We pick apart the other side and use it as a way to laud ourselves and pat ourselves on the back because, obviously, we know better. We're smarter. We're not like THEM.

But.. there is no them. It's always US. WE share this world. I bring forth a cliché because it's fitting, we ARE all in this together. It's our single life and our only moment in this universe. Is this really how we want to spend it?


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