03 October 2007

"Beauty is the Enemy.."*

The trappings of the aesthetic can lead down a dark and lonely road. I don't refer to the beauty within the natural, I refer moreso to the common concepts of beauty and the modern, industrialized world in which we live. People strive to surround themselves with beauty, only to succumb to the trappings of an existance that's essentially meaningless. Work and work, no time for the appreciation of what they acquire and never satiated. The cycle can be never ending. What is it when one is enrobed in beautiful "things", but lost the soul in their pursuit?

And what of the concepts of human beauty? Our natural selves, in their pristine states, no matter what the form, are oft seen as grotesque by many who judge us. The real beauty of mind and soul is forgotten in the pulchritude of the shell (or in the lack thereof). One rarely notices the mind and spirit of those with which they speak, nor will they even bother to scratch beyond the surface of one they deem unappealing.

Some strive to see beyond it, but it seems a nearly hopeless cause. Even the least visually appealing of our race will sit in judgement of others whom they deem to be 'ugly'. Some work so hard to be seen as outwardly beautiful, they become inwardly hideous. Some destroy themselves, slowly, so as to appear better or more desirable.

"those who dive beneath the surface glorify the grotesque.... Acceptance of ugliness is the redemption of sanity"

With the advent of electronic anonymity, we can dig the further down, beyond the surface and find the beauty within. We can see into people's minds and hearts. We catch glimpses of true elegance and intelligence. Dig deeper and deeper and we'll see the soul. The external rarely reflects what lies within.

If the world were blind, would we worship the false idols of perfection personified? Would we see them as heroes and people to be adored, or would the ugliness finally give way? Could we live in the dark and 'see' true beauty?

"They are the elect to whom grotesque things bring only rapture"

Devotion and dedication should be earned by merit and an alluring spirit, mind, and soul. Open your inner eyes and seek out the lighted soul of one who may not be outwardly beauteous. Notice the essense of the individual and not their physical attributes or their monetary accouterment.

The light you see will be your own, as you experience that which is truly beautiful.

Redeem your sanity..

"Ugliness my flag.."

*Quotes are from "Beauty is the Enemy" by cEvin Key


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