26 October 2007

Sometimes you'll get a new toy or plaything. For a moment that plaything consumes your existance. You love it, you want to play with it all the time, you don't want anyone else to touch it. That toy is YOURS and yours alone.

However, in time, that toy becomes nothing to you. You've seen all it has to offer and, while you still enjoy it, it's just not worth bothering with. Every once in a while you'll take it out to play with it but, by and large, you're done with it. It was fun, for a time, but it's time to move onto something new and special. The old toy sits upon a shelf... collecting dust. Small, crystal tears appear on it's form from neglect and being lost in the shuffle.

Then.. then, someone else desires your toy. It's yours! Even if you never play with it, it's YOUR toy. How dare anyone else want to dabble with your plaything? Obviously you love it more. Here, take the toy down and play with again. Show how much you love and want it, even though you'd ignored it for months.. years. Someone else wants it, that makes you want it MORE. It... is... your... toy! You had it first.

"A gun on the floor
A hole in your head
Just like a whore
You wish you were dead

Such a pretty toy to play with"*

Does that toy not deserve the attention it craves. If it's no longer fresh and and new, does it cease to be important? Does it deserve the quiet death of a back shelf... unregarded, unloved, and unimportant?

Cut it.. it will bleed. It will feel pain. Just notice it. It hurts when its ignored and disregarded. Acknowledge its existance and it will live again. Such a pretty toy.. left alone on a shelf. See it. Know it. Realize it.

Leaving it to collect dust and it will cease to be the beautiful toy. It will become an empty shell. It will become nothing.. Emptiness.. void..

It bleeds. It hurts. It knows. Take it to bed. It will know and feel love again.

Its just a toy though.. so does it matter?

"Such a pretty toy to play with...."

*Lyrics "Pretty Toy" by Velvet Acid Christ


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